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"SwissEye" akių apsauga - S-1 Clear (34314)

  • "SwissEye" akių apsauga - S-1 Clear (34314)

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    Designed by SwissEye, S-1 is the typical safety glasses that maximize protective properties at the cost of looks and aesthetics. While they do not look appealing, S-1s provide a broad spectrum of protection in the form of strict, international norms.

    The shatter-proof frame and earpieces are injection-molded, whereas the lenses are extruded, cut, heat-formed, and layered in a scratch-resistant and anti-fog coating.

    The final product is simplistic glasses with high impact and scratch resistance paired with 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. S-1 is an ideal pick for protection eyewear for high-risk jobs and laboratories.

    Certificates and norms: EN 12312-1, EN 166, EN 170, STANAG 4296/2920 (ballistic eye protection), ANSI Z87.1