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"M-Tac" Safety Cord Lite Universal - Olive (51435801)

  • "M-Tac" Safety Cord Lite Universal - Olive (51435801)

    Kodas: MT-B-UNI-OL

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  • The M-Tac spiral gun safety cord is designed to reduce the risk of losing a weapon or its possession by third parties. Thanks to universal loops, you can fasten this cord with most types of fasteners. Safety spring or safety cord, these are essential both in tourism and for law enforcement officers or those working in security. This cord prevents the loss of personal items, whether it is a flashlight, a knife or a walkie-talkie, and also prevents the removal of small firearms.


    • - Securing a weapon, preventing its loss if it accidentally falls out of the holster or from the hand
    • - Protection against unauthorized, malicious possession of weapons
    • - The ability to quickly pick up a dropped firearm ‘blind’, without visual control.
    • - Can be used to secure against loss or theft of cameras, keys, flashlight, mobile phone, etc.
    • - Breaking force of at least 50 kg


    • Compressed length: 280 mm
    • Stretch length: 1300 mm
    • Spring diameter: 15 mm
    • Paracord diameter: 3 mm
    • Material: Paracord/PVC
    • Weight: 25 grams