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"M-Tac" Pistoleto diržas - Black (382013-BK)

  • "M-Tac" Pistoleto diržas - Black (382013-BK)

    Kodas: MT-B-P-BL

    Prekė yra Vilniaus parduotuvėje. Pristatymas 1-2 d.d.

    Prekė yra sandėlyje. Pristatymas 5-9 d.d.

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  • M-Tac nylon belt with plastic buckle. The advantage of this belt is the fact that it’s possible to open the buckle with one hand - which theoretically enables a wounded soldier to independently get rid of unnecessary pieces of gear. This belt is a replica of the belt that was part of the American BSS (Belt Shoulder System), known as A.L.I.C.E. (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment), which was adopted by the US Army in early 80 's. It can also serve as a simple belt, even if you do not have any pouches. Just keep in mind, that this belt is a bit wider, than regular trouser belts (5.5cm), so check the size of your trouser loops before buying.

    • Material: 100% polyester
    • Belt Width: 5.5 cm