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"M-Tac" Open Double Pouch for AK - Ranger Green (10016023)

  • "M-Tac" Open Double Pouch for AK - Ranger Green (10016023)

    Kodas: MT-10016023

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  • This M-Tac pouch for AK is double due to its unique design (the manufacturer added a special Vinyl non slip rubberized fabric seal) reliably fixes the magazines, and they do not fall out under any circumstances, even when jumping with a parachute and in an inverted state.

    It takes only a small effort to get the magazine, as it is immediately in your hand, since the working surface of the grip remains available to you when you find the magazine in the pouch. This significantly speeds up recharging and makes your replacement manipulations more effective and faster.

    The screed system will allow you to use this pouch for storing AK-74 and AKM magazines. In this model, specialists of  M-Tac deliberately did not use side plastic inserts, since the plastic often cracks if the bottom is used at low temperatures

    • Fastening system: MOLLE
    • Compatibility: AKM/AK-74
    • Material: Cordura 1000D /Vinyl non-slip rubberized fabric
    • Threads: Polyart nylon thread
    • Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 7 cm

    Due to its unique qualities, Cordura is widely used in tactical equipment for military, law enforcement, and special forces. It is mainly used in materials with a 1000d and 500d linear density. Linear density is the ratio between the weight of the fabric and its length. It is measured in denier. This unit of measurement is mainly used for nylon fabrics. So, the higher the index, the more dense and heavy the fabric. The physical and technical characteristics of CORDURA 1000D are very high, it has a very high breaking load of about 3000 N and a tearing load of about 150 N. The abrasion resistance is more than 50000 cycles. It is used for clothing, bags, and pouches. Products made of CORDURA will stand the test of time and distance. CORDURA stands for durability, reliability, and style. In terms of durability, it is beyond competition.