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"M-Tac" marškinėliai Freedom - Light Olive (80072038)

  • "M-Tac" marškinėliai Freedom - Light Olive (80072038)

    Kodas: MT-T-FRLO-L

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    Prekė yra sandėlyje. Pristatymas 5-9 d.d.

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  • The new FREEDOM themed t-shirt is dedicated to the strength, courage and indomitability of the Ukrainian people.

    The time has come when our future depends only on our decisive actions. The history of our country is soaked with the blood of heroes. Ukraine remembers many revolutions and wars, we were destroyed and forced to forget who we really are. It did not break us, but rather united us and created a society ready for resistance. We have become a nation with the word FREEDOM embedded in its DNA. As long as we stand side by side, as long as we have a goal, we cannot be defeated.

    The print depicts our military. Those who, from the first days of the war, have been destroying the "second army of the world". Their actions change the world. Each of them is a hero. Behind the military stands the Motherland - the mother, a symbol of the unbreakable nature of the Ukrainian people. Her shield protects against enemy bullets, and her sword gives a worthy rebuff to the enemy. She is calm and steadfast, she is the same as every Ukrainian defender. Regardless of gender, age or profession, they are united by one big goal - victory.

    The FREEDOM t-shirt is made of high-quality fabric (93% cotton, 7% elastane). It combines high-quality materials and the latest production technologies.  The comfortable cut does not restrict movement, and thin elastic knitwear ensures comfort during use.


    • 93% cotton
    • 7% elastane.


    • MagnaColours® (Premium inks resist fading)