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"Helikon" Kompasas - Button Compass Small - Black (KS-BCS-AT-01)

  • "Helikon" Kompasas - Button Compass Small - Black (KS-BCS-AT-01)

    Kodas: H-COMP-S

    Prekė yra Vilniaus parduotuvėje. Pristatymas 1-2 d.d.

    Prekė yra sandėlyje. Pristatymas 5-9 d.d.

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  • When on the hostile ground, the proper navigation is a key when it comes to survival and evasion. You must trust your gear, especially your compass. And when small size of this piece of your equipment is crucial, there is nothing better then a BUTTON COMPASS. This compact size escape compass is filled with liquid for reliability, while phosphorescent card will give you clear picture of directions even during darkest nights. This is just essential part of your survival kit.


    • Perfect for E&E, SERE, Sirvival KIT
    • Phosphorescent card
    • Filled with liquid
    • Small size button, compass (escape)