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"Hitman" reguliuojamas pastatomas manekenas Punching Man - Heavy

  • "Hitman" reguliuojamas pastatomas manekenas Punching Man - Heavy

    Kodas: HM-TLS-AA

    Prekė yra Vilniaus parduotuvėje. Pristatymas 1-2 d.d.

    Prekė yra sandėlyje. Pristatymas 5-9 d.d.

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  • Adjustable Free-Standing Punching Dummy-Heavy Punching dummy like a real live sparring partner for your moves. As compared to traditional punching bags, these punching dummies making it ideal for practicing kicks and punches. The punching dummy is one of the best and realistic training gear that will help you train to your fullest potential,the dummies are available in a wide range of sizes for acting as your personal sparring partner. It can be placed in any space, the gym, the ring or at home for power practice work. You could perfect your uppercuts, hooks, kicks, and combinations with the dummy and the training effect are very significant.

    The punching dummy is mainly made of : a. Dummy skin:4-5mm thick rubber, it is non-toxic and environment-friendly; b.Filled with environment-friendly and high elastic urethane foaming; c.Middle section: rubber or Thermo-Plastic-Rubber material; d.Protection pad: sponge. Our punching dummy with a strong sense of the standard, accuracy, muscle sense and practical sense. They are fast rebound and durable for professional training.

    Our punching dummy has three features as follows: a. High-elastic simulated “skin”,its thickness reach to 4-5mm, make the dummy’s skin closer to the real touch of human skin and make the dummy more toughness and more strength. b.High-density urethane foam fill a solid dummy,1:1 full size human body simulation design makes training movements more accurate;the dummy hardness is close to real human body makes the training effect more significant。(The using feeling of some similar products on the market is empty, when bearing the strength of punch/kick, they couldn’t provide a resistance, can’t reach the power training effect of real sparring partner). c.Between the base and the dummy body, there has a rubber middle section, this rubber section has a buffer effect during the training,it will make the dummy’s swing more like the human’s waist activity, just like a real sparring partner. Our punching dummy is a high toughness, fast rebound, and high-temperature resistance products for a long-term training.


    • Skin: Rubber
    • Pad: Filled with environment-friendly and high elastic urethane foaming;
    • Middle section: rubber or Thermo-Plastic-Rubber Base:PE


    • Whole Size: 57*161-186CM
    • Body Height: 100CM
    • BASE Size: Dia.57cm*48CM


    • N.W: 22KGS G.W: 26KGS
    • G.W of the base: 95KGS (water)
    • G.W of the base: 150KGS (sand)