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"Helikon" Diržas - DEFENDER Security Belt L/XL - Olive Green (PS-DEF-NL-02-B06)

  • "Helikon" Diržas - DEFENDER Security Belt L/XL - Olive Green (PS-DEF-NL-02-B06)

    Kodas: H-B-D-OGLXXL

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  • DEFENDER Security Belt is a 50 mm-wide outer tactical belt designed to carry basic equipment for Mil/LE operators. Works great holding magazine, baton, flashlight or radio pouches and gun holsters. The belt can be quickly released but never by an accident, thanks to a special three-point Duraflex® buckling system. The inner side of the belt has a cell system additionally stabilizing the magazine pouches and preventing them from shifting along the belt. Comes with simple inner belt to stabilize the main duty belt system. WARNING: NOT A CLIMBING OR LIVE-SAVING EQUIPMENT!


    • Duraflex® buckle with quick opening and additional system against accidental opening
    • Width: 50 mm
    • External duty belt and inner belt included