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"Helikon - Chicom Chest Rig - Cordura - Olive Green (KK-CCR-CD-02)

  • "Helikon - Chicom Chest Rig - Cordura - Olive Green (KK-CCR-CD-02)

    Kodas: H-RIG-CC-OG

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  • Chicom Chest Rig A new version of the iconic equipment Simple and versatile chest rig that will work in many places. Its history dates back to the 1940s, and it gained its greatest popularity during the Vietnam War. Chicom Chest Rig allows you to conveniently carry your basic equipment. It is a lightweight platform for operations in small spaces such as urban areas or in CQB tactics, where you have limited movement options, and everything should be at hand. After attaching additional equipment, the chest rig will also work in reconnaissance activities. It will also do a great job during tactical exercises and shooting training. Many simple solutions in one The Chicom Chest Rig features a distinctive design and three pockets with hook & loop flap closures. The flaps can be detached and replaced with pullers included in the set. Chest rig pockets can fit AK/AR magazines. This is the basic version that can be extended in many ways. On both sides, from the inside and outside, there are MOLLE/PALS panels, where you can fit additional pouches, cargo pockets, grenade pockets, etc. The number of ammo slots can be increased from three to five, if necessary. Additionally, a first aid kit or a small pocket can be attached under the chest rig. Inside the Chicom, there is a flat pocket for documents or inserts from our VIS system, padded with a soft hook & loop. From the People's Army to the free market The name Chicom (from the words China and Communist) indicates the creation of the chest rig in the People's Republic of China. In the 1940s, the Chinese army introduced pouches made of tarpaulin canvas and worn on suspenders at chest height, and not on the belt, as earlier. The simple design was economical and comfortable for the soldier. Over the years, many versions of Chicom were created and adapted to the different ammunition, weapons, etc. There were constructions profiled for the PPS submachine gun, the SKS carbine, and the AK 47. The Chicom chest rig became popular when American troops acquired enemy equipment during the Vietnam War. Soon after, this type of chest rigs found its way e.g. to the SOG forces and the Navy Seals. After 2000, Chicom became popular again due to the participation of the US army in the Afghanistan conflict.