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"Earmor" klausos apsauga/ausinės - M32 Tactical Communication Hearing Protector (25261)

  • "Earmor" klausos apsauga/ausinės - M32 Tactical Communication Hearing Protector (25261)

    Kodas: 25261

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  • Conceived and manufactured by Earmor, the M32 Tactical Communication Hearing Protector is an active noise-canceling headset designed to work in the high sound polluted areas. The boom microphone integrated with the headset allows communication via dedicated PTT button/handheld radio. Thanks to NRR 22 rating and well-conceived construction, M32's performance is exemplary in its price bracket.
    The ear domes and boom microphone are made of high-quality polymers, with a few small elements like a headband made of metal. Padded cushions and gel inserts are integrated into the hearing protectors for enhanced sound dampening and comfort during prolonged use.
    M32 features several design solutions:
     Low-profile ambidextrous construction for ease of use of firearms
     A waterproof battery compartments
     Three sound amplification levels
     Two reinforced microphones for enhanced situational awareness
     Battery saving mode
     Adjustable slim headband
     Integrated NATO Military Standard connector
     Flexible boom microphone
    Used electronics dampen louder sounds to an acceptable 82dB while amplifying normal sounds to levels non-achievable for human ears. This solution protects hearing from gunshots and other sounds without limiting standard communication. Integrated NATO connector for PTT button and microphone allows communication via handheld radio.
    Thanks to the rugged construction, universal size, and high degree of comfort, the M32 is ideally suited for use at shooting ranges, heavy-duty environments, and places with high sound pollution. 

    Weight: 370 g