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Wooden dummy “Wing Chun” - freestanding

  • Wooden dummy “Wing Chun” - freestanding


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  •  Hayashi

    Bruce Lee learned the arts of Wing Chun at the age of 13. With the wooden dummy “Wing Chun” by Hayashi you now have the opportunity to study this unique Far Eastern martial arts style efficiently. Grandmaster Wang Kiu, who also trained Bruce Lee on the wooden doll, gives this unique training method great importance. The Hayashi Training Dummy is free-standing and rotatable. A sturdy steel plate, which comes with the delivery, fixes it firmly to the ground and gives you the ultimate in training fun on the 3 arms and 1 foot part. The high-quality wood and the exact processing in length, shape, position, and angle of the elements, you will quickly feel an increase in strength and speed of your movements.


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    “Wing Chun” Dummy - your guide to position, distance and angle.

    Hayashi brings you the wooden dummy - also called Mook Yan Jong - the ultimate training experience. The 3 arms and the foot part are inserted in the robust stem and fixed firmly. The alignment and angle of the individual elements are precisely adapted to the exercises of the southern Chinese martial arts. Your movements will be perfected by a concentrated and recurrent training on the dummy in the aspects position finding, distance perception and the correct angle of impact.

    Its strength lies in steadiness.

    Due to the heavy steel plate and the anchoring on the ground, the woodman gets his firm footing. Since the dummy is free and rotatable in all directions, you can rehearse strokes, kicks, and combinations under realistic conditions over and over again. Your wooden friend is absolutely painless and easily forgives you one or the other failure.

    Experience the legend of the 108 movements with the Wing Chun Dummy live.

    Legends are obtained through traditions. Like the legend of the nun Ng Mui, who is said to have developed a new fighting style with Wing Chun. The “Woodman” was already used in training to harden the forearms and shins. It was also able to practice techniques that could have hurt a real partner severely. Ng Mui created a new martial art form, based on the Kung Fu traditions of the Shaolin, with her 108 movements easily rehearsed on Mook Yan Jong.