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Wooden dummy “Wing Chun”

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    Wooden dummy “Wing Chun”

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  •  Hayashi

    The techniques of Wing Chun can be perfectly trained on the original Chinese training dummy. The 3 arms and the foot section are simply inserted into the trunk and, together with the corresponding wall bracket # 411-0000 (not included in the scope of delivery), create a first-class training station. In addition to the right technique, you will also develop a new smoothness of your movements on the durable wooden doll “Wing Chun”. Careless movements are punished with pain due to the hardness of the material on the wooden dummy “Wing Chun” and lead to immediate correction of your actions. With a height of 140 cm, the dummy is an ideal training partner who, with its durability, prompts you to do countless repetitions.


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    Train your reflexes on the wooden dummy “Wing Chun”.

    Wing Chun is not about comparing in competition, but about pure self-defense. Even the weaker should be able to defeat a physically superior opponent. The training on the “Wing Chun” dummy trains your reflexes and lets you react to an attack in a flash. The wooden doll's arms, which are attached in different positions, enable numerous combinations from different distances. The hardwood material gives you a relentless counterattack, hardening the forearms, edges of the hands and shins.

    Learn like Bruce Lee once - training on a wooden man.

    Every beginning is difficult and you don't have to set the 108 movements on the wooden dummy as the goal at the start of your Wing Chun training. Nevertheless, the wooden man is already suitable for beginners, since it allows movement sequences without problems. The increase in strength and speed comes from the “Wing Chun” doll through constant repetitions.

    Convinces with natural hardness - wooden dummy “Wing Chun”.

    As a traditional Chinese training device, the “Wing Chun” dummy relies on its natural strengths. The log and plug-in elements are of high quality and go through an exclusive finishing process. The structure in the matching wall mounting # 411-0000 gives the wooden man his stability.