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Weapon bag “ TONFA”

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    Weapon bag “ TONFA”

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  •  With the weapon bag “TONFA,” you make the transport of your martial arts equipment a safe thing. As prescribed by the German Weapons Act, it has been proven that sporting weapons must be transported directly and in a sealed container. At first glance, our “TONFA” weapon bag looks like a small case. The outer shell is made of stable and kink-proof. You can access the red-padded inner compartment with a circumferential zipperSewn-on hook and loop straps ensure a secure hold of your Tonfa sports weapons. The outer handles hold the “TONFA” weapon bag securely in your hand. What are you waiting for? Get the “TONFA” weapon bag and transport your equipment safely and comfortably for training.

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    Hardshell and softcore - weapon case “TONFA.”

    From the outside, the “TONFA” weapon bag can easily take on the challenges of everyday life. The stable cover is kink and shockproof, which has a positive effect on the life of your equipment. Dirt and water also roll off the surface for the most part and give you a good feeling that you have made the best choice when it comes to transport containers for your Tonfas. Your batons lie on the inside on a soft inner lining and are held non-slip by two adjustable hook and loop fasteners.

    Right and law - you should know that.

    In the martial arts styles of Kubotan and Ju-Jutsu, Tonfa's are part of standard training equipment, but in Germany, they fall under the weapons law as a punch and thrust weapon. Exceptions are only tolerated under certain circumstances - this also includes performing a martial art in which Tonfas are used as a sport weapon. You are obliged to transport your weapons in a closed container. From here, the “TONFA” weapon bag is used. Due to its zip and the opaque cover, it is impossible to recognize the sports weapons from the outside. If you then choose the shortest route to reach your goal, you have done everything right in terms of legal requirements.

    The protection need of LARP weapons.

    It doesn't always have to be the real weapons to learn different techniques. Weapons made of foam, so-called LARP weapons, offer an ideal introduction to the martial art of Tonfas. Again, the transport in the opaque weapon bag “TONFA” offers you, because the deceptively real-looking doubles can otherwise quickly embarrass you in public. Besides, it is also worthwhile to adequately protect the most high-quality imitations from dirt and moisture on the go.