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Weapon bag “Sai” black

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    Weapon bag “Sai” black

    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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  • In the black “Sai” weapon bag with all-round zip, you can now transport your Sai pair safely. Two handles ensure effortless handling and make the bag for practical storage of your training tools. The red inner fabric is not only a real eye-catcher but due to its soft relatives, the Sai forks from unsightly scratches. Another protective flap in the protection of the “Sai” prevents it from striking, preventing you from having boundless joy of your traditional, Japanese weapons. The surface of the “Sai” weapon bag is extremely resistant and easy to clean. The high-quality weapon bag is perfect for transport of Sai forks and made in the form and nature of the claims.

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    Fight with turtle power, too – “Sai” weapon bag carries important content.

    Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo - these are the heroes from our childhood, and so we got to know the Far Eastern weapons with the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles early on. If Raphael had already picked up our “Sai” weapon bag, who knows what spectacle we can live with? In the sturdy storage bag, you can safely transport a pair of Sai and be your best-selling one thanks to a sophisticated material concept.

    Did you mind about Saki and Yoku?

    Please don't panic; we're not coming back from the screen with comic heroes again. We also don't want to make you hungry for your restaurant visit. Saki and Yoku are the essential parts of your Sai. The large middle fork is accompanied on the left and right by two smaller ones, the Yoku so that the trident typical of Sai is formed. As relatively heavy defensive weapons, real Sai can fight to sword-attackers and inflict serious injury.

    Family-free – “Sai” weapon bag.

    It is already clear to us that our weapon bag “Sai” without the content makes sense for ambitious weapon fighters. Instead, we want to recognize you by the fact that real Sai forks are only allowed from the age of 18. As a traditional punch and stab weapon, safe use, storage, and transportation must be ensured for each of you. Use the “Sai” weapon bag and protect your equipment for access by unauthorized persons and children.