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Weapon bag “ KAMA”

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    Weapon bag “ KAMA”

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  • In the sturdy weapon bag “KAMA” you can transport your presentation or training Kamas safely to their destination. The opaque bag consists of a sturdy, black cover, which can be opened and closed with an all-round zip. The material is exceptionally resistant and can be easily cleaned if necessary. Inside, “KAMA” convinces with a soft, red cover, as well as a fixed separating insert, so that the weapons cannot hit each other. Fixation straps hold the sporting weapons securely in place and prevent them from slipping around in your pocket. With “KAMA” you are perfectly equipped to transport your training and show equipment safely and without much fuss.


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    Prevent damage with the weapon bag “KAMA.”

    Whoever has the damage becomes wise, so it is said. But honestly, it's better to avoid damage than to be in a mess. With the weapon bag “KAMA” you are twice as safe. First, “KAMA” meets the legal requirements for the transport of sporting weapons in that the case is closed, and the contents are not easily recognizable. Secondly, your Kamas are well protected from damage during carriage, because the bag is very stable and effectively keeps dirt and bumps out.

    In public - small jurisprudence.

    We are not legal advice, but we would like to recommend that you always check in advance exactly where you are going to look with your martial arts weapons. In a closed container, such as the “KAMA” weapon bag, you can usually move about comfortably on the direct route to trainingNever leave your equipment unattended, even if it's just training weapons. Avoid staying in public places and events, so that no bad intentions can be assumed in an emergency.

    Act in the sense of Japanese rice farmers.

    At the time when peasants were prohibited from possessing weapons by the ninja war nobility, necessity made them inventive. To defend themselves against arbitrariness and exploitation, people gave their everyday commodities a new, secondary meaning. Kamas developed from a sickle tool for planting and harvesting rice and were primarily used to ward off attacks.