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Weapon bag Escrima

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    Weapon bag Escrima

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  • When Bruce Lee was raging across the screen with Escrimas, nobody suspected the legendary breakthrough of martial arts in public. In the here and now, you can no longer imagine martial arts without clubs and studios. Escrima sticks are used in styles of Eskrima, Arnis, and Kali, but also pure self-defense courses appreciate the irrepressible power of the short stick. A pair of sticks can be safely stored in the Escrima weapon bag. The short zipper makes it easy to insert the Escrima Sticks while preventing them from slipping out when closed. The black bag can be carried comfortably in hand, thanks to the robust handle. The lightly lined Escrima weapon bag protects your equipment and guarantees safe transport, also concerning current regulations for the transport of sporting weapons. 

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    Elegant in black - weapon bag Escrima.

    Get the little black dress out of the closet again? Sure, because those who want to transport their Escrima Sticks safely and comfortably appreciate the black weapon case. The robust design makes the bag ideal for everyday use. So your sticks can quickly go to the next training session without any damage. The practical handle makes handling the Escrima weapon bag easier and is firmly attached to the outer material.

    Guess what's inside.

    Those who do not deal with martial arts will not be able to see from the outside what concise content the Escrima weapon bag carries. A maximum of 2 sticks is well protected in the softly padded bag, not only from mechanical stress but also from the eyes of unauthorized persons. The zipper turns the case into a lockable container - one of the basic requirements to be able to carry sports weapons at all.

    Escrima = young weapon system with cut and stick power.

    As a light short stick, the Escrima Stick slides artfully through the hands of the experienced athlete. You will find its applications most often in Eskrima, Arnis or Kali, but also pure training groups with a focus on self-defense appreciate the power of the short sticks. Their operational capability can easily be transferred to everyday needs (e.g., umbrella).