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Weapon bag black 130

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    Weapon bag black 130

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  • You can get a suitable transport bag for your Jo staff with our black weapon bag in 130 cm length. The small bag is specially designed for the needs of staff weapons. The black outer shell is not only dirt-repellent but also water-repellentStable seams and seam edges make the weapon bag insensitive to external influences and ensure long durability. Inside, a velvet-red, soft lining provides the best protection for your Jo staff. So that the transport is a breeze for you, the weapon bag has a size-adjustable strap so that the bag can be completely adapted to the preferences of the wearer.


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    Custom packaging - weapon pouch for jo-stick.

    Almost like a bespoke piece, the 130 cm weapon bag is a perfect fit. Here your Jo-stick is safely on the road and survives the daily training trip without damage. Smooth and insensitive on the outside, a soft, redlining with pleasant grip is revealed on the inside. The short zip at the top allows easy insertion of your sports equipment. Your Jo stick is securely protected from moisture, dirt, and scratches in the closed pocket so that you can enjoy your sporting weapon for a long time.

    Farmer's weapon on the move - not without a weapon bag.

    If you want to transport your sports weapons safely, you cannot avoid a closed container. Our weapon bag has a smooth zipper on the narrow upper side, which makes it easier to insert and remove the Jo-staff. With the adjustable carrying system, the bag adapts to the preferences of the wearer, so that the equipment stays not only safe, but also conveniently stays with the man or woman.

    Sporty It-Bags - weapon bags.

    Can't get enough of your martial arts? Then the practical weapon bag is your new It-Bag. So you can carry your Jo stick as a sport weapon from one event to another in a completely uncomplicated manner. The weapon bag is more than a sporting accessory because its nature complies with the current guidelines for the transport of sporting weapons.