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Wakizashi 56cm with foam cover

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    Wakizashi 56cm with foam cover

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    The Wakizashi is the second component of your Daisho - the classic sword pair of the Samurai. Like the big brother, the Katana # 801-9101, which also has the little sword made of a sturdy wooden core with foam coating. The grip area and the cutting edge are separated over a guard made of plastic, which splits the Wakizashi in the zones. There is a secure protective cap at the top, the stable wooden core must be kept in reasonable condition at all times, and you cannot be heard. The foam-coated sword is an ideal entry-level model in the world of far-reaching martial arts and is sure of the high level of security also for public successes or promotional appearances.


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    Find the soul of the Samurai with the foam-coated Wakizashi.

    In the time of the Samurai, there were strict customs. Whoever lost his sword also lost his honor and not lost his life. Equated with one's soul, being one's sword was the must-have for every warrior. You also want to start looking for your soul and are just beginning to learn weapon fighting skills? Then the foam-coated Wakizashi is the ideal entry-level tool. The highly compressed foam around the solid wooden core of the 56 cm long sword and north thus best conditions for the first movements with the training sword.

    The middle sword - Wakizashi lies between katana and Tanto.

    In the dribble of the right Samurai weapons, the Wakizashi is in second placeShorter than a Katana, but larger than a Tanto. Its power is particularly evident in combat in tight spaces. This is the katana, which is its length, and what the Wakizashi is always within reach. The range is the same to keep the enemy at a distance, whereas a Tanto quickly threatened unmanageable close combat.

    Wakizashi wrapped in foam: more like a sword illusion.

    Foam weapons bring security without feeling realistic. Due to the wooden core, the training weapon gains weight to later switch to a real sword. With no sharp corners and sharp edges, all katas can be rehearsed safely. The black look makes the foam-coated sword a mystical companion at promotional events and makes weaponry an essential experience in martial arts training.