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Sword stand “SHOGUN” vertical

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    Sword stand “SHOGUN” vertical

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    Would you like to present your katana according to the traditional sword etiquette and, at the same time, keep it safe? Then the sword stand “SHOGUN” made of high quality, black wood is made for you. The sword stand has an approximate height of 61 cm and is very stable on all flat surfaces. The slightly curved shape is based on the typical properties of the Japanese long swords. The name of the “SHOGUN” sword stand looks back a long time in the past. Until the late 19th centuryShogun was the name for a Japanese military title - a leader of the samurai's nobility. With our “SHOGUN” sword stand, you give your sports weapon a safe place and can display particularly decorative exhibits for presentation purposes.


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    Carved from good wood - sword stand “SHOGUN.”

    Completely stable and with the best quality, the “SHOGUN” massive stand surprises with its simple, black design. Particularly artistic Katanas and Saya come into their own and draw attention to themselves. With the “SHOGUN” sword stand, your martial arts weapon becomes an eye-catcher without having to do without proper storage.

    Present your sword with the “SHOGUN” sword stand.

    Anyone who is committed to the Far Eastern martial arts styles usually wants to work to maintain tradition and customs. While Katanas made of wood and foam are used in everyday sporting activities, a real long sword made of folded steel is a long-term investment. The most artistically forged swords with a length of 2 shaku are kept in a wooden Saya and come into their own in the “SHOGUN” sword stand.

    Stay in view - vertical sword stands for katana.

    striking characteristic of a katana long sword is, in addition to the curved shape, the blade made of folded steel. A real katana should always be well secured and kept in your field of vision so that unauthorized persons and especially children, cannot just approach it. With the “SHOGUN” sword stand, you have a suitable tool at hand to present your long sword safely.