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Sword stand “SAMURAI” horizontal

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    Sword stand “SAMURAI” horizontal

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    Due to the high demand, currently only available as a double version, the high-quality sword stand “SAMURAI” is made of black wood. It offers space for your Katana long sword and an additional Wakizashi short sword. Due to the lying position, the weapons remain well protected and can still be presented magnificently. The original floors are stable, and the entire sword stand has a secure stand on all flat surfaces. The simple, black design of the sword stand looks reserved and puts your sword weapons in the foreground. Please note that this is only the sword stand “SAMURAI” and the weapons shown are not included.


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    Stylish storage for your Daisho - horizontal sword stand “SAMURAI.”

    A real samurai never lets his Daisho couple out of sight. Our “SAMURAI” sword stand helps you to keep your classic weapon combination of Katana and Wakizashi safe and present it stylishly. Both the long sword katana and the short Wakizashi lie securely in the notches of the sword stand so that they have to be raised deliberately for removal.

    Big and small - the sibling couple united on the “SAMURAI.”

    The little brother of the katana longsword is the Wakizashi sword with a blade length of 30 cm to a maximum of 60 cm. Mainly reserved for the Samurai nobility, both sword weapons were mostly carried together on the way. Because the Katana takes up a lot of space in combat, you put it down before entering buildings - the Wakizashi, however, remained securely in the Obi and was designed for close combat in rooms.

    This is how samurai swords come into the spotlight.

    If you want to enjoy Katana and Wakizashi for a long time, you should also know about the correct care and storage because nothing destroys the sensitive steel blades like moisture and rustSweat and dirt should be removed with a dry cloth after use. Before you put your sword back into the Saya sword scabbard, it is worth polishing with a few drops of oil. It is essential to ensure the correct storage of Japanese sword weapons, for which the “SAMURAI” sword stand has proven itself. To protect the sensitive blades, they should always point upwards.