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Streching machine ENCHO IV

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    Streching machine ENCHO IV

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  • Streching machine ENCHO IV

    To protect yourself from injury, your muscles need to be stretched before and after exercise. With the ENCHO IV stretching machine, stretching is child's play and can be done very gently. The stable tubular steel concept works through a gear drive and enables a radius of 180 degrees. The spread can be read off easily using the protractor to increase from time to time. While a synthetic leather pad secures your legs on the rollable leg extensions, a short backrest prevents them from slipping on the seat cushion. The operation of the “ENCHO IV” stretch machine is easy to understand and enables professional use in the studio and stretching exercises at home.


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    Mobility test with the ENCHO IV stretch machine.

    Your mobility can now be recorded in numbers, thanks to the ENCHO IV stretch machine. By pushing the handle further forward, the spreading mechanism opens and gently spreads your legs. You can immediately read the angle range on the handle. For a gentle warm-up of your leg muscles, you should rely on slow stretching by constantly holding the stretch for a few seconds before increasing yourself.

    This is how you can do it - learn the balancing act.

    Whether martial arts, dancing, yoga, gymnastics, or ballet - in numerous disciplines, athletes are required to have a high degree of mobility in their legs. We have the ENCHO IV in our range so that you can adapt perfectly to the requirements. The leg extension helps you to increase your mobility gently and at the same time protects against injuries. The leg muscles are slowly elongated and held in place for a set period. In this way, you improve your mobility in the long term and can even effectively prevent lousy posture.

    Very relaxed thanks to the ENCHO IV stretch machine.

    Stretching has a positive effect on your inner balance. Finally, sports such as yoga or Pilates rely on extensive relaxation exercises with stretching elementsCorrect posture and the duration of the activities play an essential role. The ENCHO IV stretch machine helps you perform to gain more time to develop better body awareness.