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Šratasvydžio automatas - MUR MOD B Carbine Ambi Lite - (Arcturus)

  • Šratasvydžio automatas - MUR MOD B Carbine Ambi Lite - (Arcturus)


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  • Muzzle Velocity (0.20g): approx. 415 fps (1.60 Joule)
    The mentioned value has been measured by ourselves and will be frequently remeasured. Variations of +/- 10% or more are possible.
    MUR MOD B is a carbine-length AR15-pattern replica developed by Arcturus - one of the most recognized brands of airsoft products on the market. Lite-series represents the cost-effective line where the upper and lower receiver was replaced with a nylon-made equivalent.
    This 803/885mm long replica is fed from a standard AR15-type magazine, weighs 2400g, and fires from semi- and full-automatic modes.
    Main elements like the body, pistol grip, and buttstock are fabricated from high-quality nylon. At the same time, the handguard, outer barrel, buffer tube, and other small components are machined from aluminum and metal alloys and anodized black.
    The upper and lower receiver was manufactured from high-strength nylon with steel inserts to minimize the weight without decreasing the durability and performance of the product. It also helps with keeping the price in a reasonable price bracket. Each replica has a unique serial number engraved on the receiver.
    At the front, we can find a CNC-machined M-LOK handguard with a Picatinny rail at the top. This setup allows users to attach accessories and equipment suitable to their needs, preferences, or mission/game requirements.
    The free-float, full-metal barrel is outfitted with a 14mm CCW thread and can take different muzzle devices, suppressors, and tracers. The collapsible stock made of high-quality polymer is comfortable to use. It is also easy to handle in confined spaces and simple to stash.
    All manipulators and switches are ambidextrous, making the MUR MOD B both left- and right-handed users friendly.
    The heart of the replica is a V2-type gearbox with CNC stainless steel cylinder, reinforced POM air sealing nozzle, and nylon piston with full steel teeth. The gearbox itself is outfitted with a MOSFET system to secure the electronics and streamline the work of the replica. This grants optimal performance out of the box.
    Thanks to cost-effective materials and solutions, carbine-length size, and high performance, MUR MOD B Carbine is a perfect choice for new players and veterans looking for a high-quality replica in a reasonable price bracket. 
    • Hop-Up: Adjustable
    • Shooting Mode: Semi and full automatic
    • Magazine capacity: 300 rds
    • Length: 803 mm
    • Length (folded): 885 mm
    • Inner barrel length: 380 mm
    • Thread: 14mm CCW
    • Motor: Long
    • Connection: T-Plug
    • Caliber: 6mm
    • MOSFET: Yes
    • Gearboxversion: V2
    • Weight: 2.4 kg 

    Arcturus was established in 2017 by passionate airsoft players and experienced industry professionals. Their cooperation gave birth to a new brand that offers a variety of high-quality, innovative airsoft replicas.
    With constant improvements in available materials, technical solutions, and production processes, Arcturus brings superb quality and ingenious designs for all - airsoft-hardened veterans and new players alike.