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Šalmas "King" KPB/HG 1

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    Šalmas "King" KPB/HG 1

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  • Full coverage KING Head Gear protects your head, face, jaw and chin, providing excellent protection for sparring and competition purposes

    Built tough with premium leather and multilayer shock-absorbing materials, this head gear will help absorb and disperse the bone-crushing force impacts that professional boxers, Muay Thai and MMA can deliver.

    Its broad visual field will help you see the action of the fight clearly, helping you to rely on good defensive tactics


    Size table: (measure the crown of your head with a measuring tape, just above the eyebrows):


    S 48-52 cm

    M 53 – 56 cm

    L 57-58 cm

    XL 59-61 cm