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Sai for training

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    Sai for training

    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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  •  Hayashi

    At first glance, the Training Sai forks made of high-quality foam are indistinguishable from the original. The upholstered weapons make easy the study of numerous techniques and protect the athletes of injuries. Thanks to the detailed replica, you do not have to do without the typical Ninja-flair with the Sais. The handling is very good due to the removable handles. Shape and weight are absolutely balanced and safe for the full operational readiness of your sport weapons made of foam. The material is very resilient and slightly flexible so that the Sai forks are suitable for beginners' training, as for weapon demonstrations.


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    A top weapon Safety on safety - Sai forks for the training area.

    We do not believe in teaching wounds and focus on safety in the training area. This is supposed to be the realistic feeling that doesn't fall by the wayside. For authorized, the upholstered weapons bring unlimited martial arts fun. Practice the martial arts of the ninja with the parade weapon from Okinawa without having to rely on the high-security performance of the highly compressed foam.

    Care of foam weapons - how it works.

    Extreme heat, cold and calm can cause great damage under your own Sai forks. Protect yours from direct sunlight and best stored in a room with the same temperature. Since even gasoline intrusions, such as those you own in the car, can damage the specimens made of foam, the trunk of your car is not a proper storage place.

    Fully under control.

    Even if these are real Sai foam imitations, you should always be heard when dealing with them. Sooner or later the techniques have to transfer to the original, where devilment can lead to injuries.