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Kung Fu Sword red oak 87

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    Kung Fu Sword red oak 87

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    Experience with the Kung Fu sword made of red oak the fascination in the classical training in handling bladed weapons, as you find them in Kung Fu, Wu Shu, or Tai Chi. With a total length of around 87 cm, the wooden sword lies comfortably in hand and provides a realistic feeling. The hardwood sword is made for training shapes and is used in show presentations. It is not made for contact sports, which means you cannot strike the blade against the blade and do not aim for body hits with the kung fu sword. A typical feature is the widened blade, which underlines the traditional character of the demo weapon.

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    You and your sword - bond in solitude.

    Sword training is one of the lonely practice units in Kung Fu, Wu Shu, or Tai Chi. The dimensionally stable and crack-free sword made of natural red oak is your only partner when it comes to learning traditional forms of bladed weaponsWithout a sharp cutting edge, the risk of injury is incredibly low with the counterpart to metal weapons, but you should still ensure a firm grip and a safe guide hand.

    Carved from good wood - red oak convinces with sports weapons.

    With the material selection of red oak, we ensure you have particularly robust and durable equipment. The natural material properties lie in its fine structure, extreme dimensional stability, and high breaking strength. However, blows blade against blade should be avoided at all costs, as the sword is designed for the mold run.

    Wooden training weapons - what to look out for.

    Wood lives and absorbs external influences. Therefore, pay attention to where and how you store and transport your training weapons made from natural raw material. Intense fluctuations in humidity and temperature are a problem for the material. Spending the night in the car can resent you, as can a place in the immediate vicinity of a heat source (heater, dryer, oven) or strong sunlight.