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Kubotan with a sturdy steel tip

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    Kubotan with a sturdy steel tip

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  •  TOP TEN

    Kubotan is a handy means of self-defense and is also used in some martial arts disciplines, such as Krav Maga or Jiu Jitsu. The small metal stick has a great effect and can be effectively used to fend off an attacker. Our model fits very well in the hand because of its grooves. The high grip with precise fist length makes the palm stick disappear in the hand, with a slight protrusion. So well camouflaged, the stick surprises your attacker, which in some cases leads to an escape-like retreat. With a rounded and a pointed side of the impact amplifier acts either flat or punctiform. Particularly high power transmission with injury potential can be achieved with the sharp side.


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    Brand TOP TEN
    Kind of Sport Krav Maga
    Already discounted Yes
    Delivery Time Special Order
    Shipping oversize No
    Material 100% steel


    A small tool with great effect - Kubotan with tip.

    Who would trust the inconspicuous metal stick so much? But properly used, a Kubotan is a true reinforcer of your powers and makes this painful to many an attacker. Due to its size and weight, the palm stick can easily be taken anywhere. Whether for jogging or at a festival, the lightweight gets its punch in self-defense situations by its hardness, shape and your techniqueIn Germany, the Kubotan does not fall under the weapons law - please inform in advance, if you want to use the Kubotan in another country.

    Self-defense for everyone with the Kubotan.

    You do not have to be a martial artist to defend yourself in emergency situations. A powerful blow with the tip of the Kubotan on a vital point of your attacker becomes a painful affair for him. Just use the weak points of the human body for your defense.

    How is the Kubotan used?

    Knocking with the Kubotan on unprotected nervous and vascular systems (e.g., upper hand) or organs and soft tissues provides maximum success with relatively little effort so that these practices can be performed by dainty or weak individuals. Used properly, it acts targeted against an attacker.