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Knife dummy

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    Knife dummy

    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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    Deceptively real - at least that's the outer appearance of the rubber knife. You cannot make your self-defense training more realistic than with this martial arts weapon made of stable rubber. The handy size and the corrugated handle are particularly practical. As a result, the knife lies perfekt in hand and can be used at lightning speed. To avoid injuries, the models made of rubber or plastic are made entirely without sharp or pointed edges. Slightly elastic, they protect against injuries during training and release initial inhibitions when using a safety weapon. Any soiling from sweat can be easily rinsed off under the water from the rubber knife, and a splash of disinfectant spray makes the melee weapon completely convincing in terms of sports hygiene.


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    Material Rubber


    More appearances like being - rubber knives for training purposes.

    When viewed from a short distance, the rubber knife makes a deceptively real impression. Therefore, especially in outdoor training, make sure that all participants are informed in advance and that your fight is a training session with safety weapons. The rubber knife gives a little elasticity under load and protects you from injuriesBlade and handle are clean, without sharp corners and edges, worked.

    Knife attack - when the fright is deep.

    Replicas, like our rubber knife, should alleviate the fear of the unknown during training. Since it is far too dangerous to practice with real weapons, self-defense courses, martial arts schools, and training centers in the security area rely on the use of rubber, plastic, or foam weapons. Nevertheless, the practices learned in this way can later be transferred 1 to 1 in an emergency. The shape, size, and weight of the rubber knife are comparable to numerous originals.

    When tears flow - rubber.

    Rubber or rather natural rubber is obtained from the milk sap of the rubber tree. For this purpose, the trees are cut, and the milky tree sap runs like tears into the collecting container. Even today, the share of natural rubber is relatively high at 40% worldwide. However, many products are a mixture of synthetic and natural rubber.