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Kicking shield “Extreme”

  • Kicking shield “Extreme”


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  •  TOP TEN


     For extreme demands, TOP TEN designed the impact pad “Extreme”. The large impact cushion is rounded and in a slightly curved shape particularly suitable for hard demands in MMA or Muay Thai. But other martial artists will get their money's worth with the “Extreme”. With shock-absorbing padding, it swallows the full energy and can be used flexibly over numerous breakpoints. In order to make the shock pad durable and easy to care for, it is made of 100% smooth imitation leather. A sturdy and tear-resistant seam guide guarantees you a long training pleasure with the impact pad “Extreme” of the traditional brand TOP TEN. The simple color design in black/red together with the abrasion-resistant TOP TEN Company Print is both sporty and timeless.


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    Brand TOP TEN
    Kind of Sport Kickboxing, Taekwon-Do, Thai Boxing, MMA
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    Universal talent – kicking shield “Extreme” from TOP TEN.

    Powerful kneeling techniques, fast kicks and hard punches - no problem for the TOP TEN “Extreme” impact pad. The generous area of impact absorbs the energy from the multi-layered foam pad, making the martial arts training for you and your partners largely free of danger. With the numerous handholds, the impact pad can be easily held/fastened in different heights and positions. On the back, there is, in addition to a central strap, a forearm guide and a reinforced handle.

    Tirelessly sovereign through high-quality workmanship – “Extreme”.

    For a long training pleasure with the “Extreme” shock pad TOP TEN ensures the high-quality processing of carefully selected materials. The artificial leather cover is smooth and easy to clean. If necessary, small soiling can be easily removed with a soft, damp cloth. To prevent the protective pad from bloating, a concealed zipper is sewn in. The teeth allow air to escape even under the toughest conditions, thus preventing it from bursting open.

    Powerful padding pushes you to success.

    By using a multi-layered foam, the energy consumption of the “Extreme” is sensationally high. Nevertheless, it is soft enough to be able to perform numerous exercises in full hardness without injuryPut down your stroke inhibitions and use the opportunity on the impact pad to train strength, endurance, and technique.