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Kendo-Shinai 118cm

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    Kendo-Shinai 118cm

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  • The bamboo sword Shinai was invented as early as the mid-17th century and should represent an alternative to the Bokken. However, it quickly developed into an autonomous weapon and is now used especially in Kendo as a sports and competition weapon. It consists of 4 bamboos, which are held together at the bottom by a handle cover and at the top of the "tip" with a cap. A band marks the hit area, which is about 25 cm lower when viewed from the top. The nylon cord is the Shinai bamboo sword to mark the non-blade side - the side that is dull in a real sword. Just right for our bamboo Shinai, you get Tsuba and Tsubadom.

    Additional advantages:

    • Competition length of 120 cm
    • finger guard/needle plate
    • high-quality workmanship
    • very good handling


    Japanese sword fighting with the Shinai.

    The Shinai of split bamboo was once considered an alternative to the Bokken. But especially in kendo, the Japanese sword fighting, the lamella sword was more convincing than its counterpart made of wood. The relatively light bamboo sticks can be brought to the desired weight with metal plates. Weight and length specifications apply, especially in competitionsLadies Shinai cannot weigh more than 440 g, the men no more like 510 g. With the length of 120 cm, our Shinai meets the official competition standard.

    Good care ensures a long durability.

    Bamboo is assigned to the grass family. Like wood, bamboo is a natural raw material and requires further care after processing. In addition to the thorough check for chipping, you should protect your Shinai from dehydration. Disassembled, the individual struts can be soaked in water or rubbed with oil. Watch out for a careful assembly and change the hit page of your Shinai from time to time. By distributing the impact forces you counteract a one-sided load and thus a possible source of error due to material breakage.

    Safety is a priority.

    Your Hakama protects you with its sturdy structure, but how easily you can injure yourself by improper equipment, the deadly training accident 1977 by Dr. Kunihiro Goto shown. By a material break on Shinai, it came to this tragedy. It is your responsibility to protect yourself and your opponent. Therefore, always rely on quality equipment and care accordingly. If you ever find cracks or bumps, replace your Shinai immediately - safety is also a top priority in Japanese sword fighting.

    Get your high-quality Kendo-Shinai and trust in the high-quality Budoland product variety.