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Katana Staff 101cm with foam cover

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    Katana Staff 101cm with foam cover

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     Embark on the path of the samurai and get a unique training tool at your side with the long katana sword with foam coating. With a length of 101 cm, it corresponds to the traditional length measurements, so that you can get used to the first movements with a long sword. The grip area –Tsuka- is covered with a coarse and particularly grippy foam, while the cutting edge –Hasaki- convinces with a highly compressed and smooth coverSword handles and cutting edge are neatly separated from each other by a Tsuba. The sword tip is secured with a sturdy cap for even more safety. Foam jacket and wooden core are perfectly coordinated and together make an excellent training device for martial arts.


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    Your entry into the world of samurai katana with foam coating.

    Now you can start - with the padded Katana, and you can begin to your weapon training at any time. A stable wooden core covers a soft cover made of high-quality foam over the entire length of 101 cm. The grip area is worked differently than the imaginary cutting edge of the training sword. The material around the Tsuka is coarse-pored and particularly easy to grip. The area around the Hasaki, on the other hand, is smooth and closed. Traditionally, the areas are separated from each other by a Tsuba – a guard.

    A question of etiquette.

    Before you take a real katana in your hand, you should have internalized the handling of the weapon. With a basic understanding of how to use your body in combination with a punch and stab weapon, you will quickly see progress in your movements. For learning katas and training demonstrations, the foam-coated Katana is the ideal introduction to the world of Far Eastern martial arts.

    Respectful handling - an essential requirement, even with foam weapons.

    Our Katana with foam coating is a high-quality sports weapon for beginners, training, and promotion. Despite the foam coating, the Katana can cause a lot of damage if misused. Before each use, please check that your weapon is in perfect condition and always keep it in such a way that unauthorized persons have no direct access. Partner exercises should only ever take place under expert supervision.