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Jo-Staff (rattan)

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    Jo-Staff (rattan)

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    The traditional rattan Jo-staff is one of the most popular martial arts weapons of many styles and convinces with its high quality. The short rod is branded, which gives it an unmistakable Far Eastern touch. With your own martial arts weapon, you get a feeling for your training device faster. The added security increases your self-confidence and lets you work with your equipment in a controlled and disciplined manner. Since rattan is a light and robust material, the Jo-staff has an excellent balance of functionality and durability.

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    Rattan Jo-staff - training weapon with tradition.

    According to the legends, a simple Jo-staff can easily take on a katana, a Japanese sword. The main purpose of the stick was to disarm your opponent before you even attacked. Also known as a farmer's weapon, the Jo staff with a length of approximately 128 cm is quite handy and was usually well hidden under the robes. Besides, a short stick is more comfortable to guide than a much longer Bo.

    Traditions in the “here and now”.

    Even if nobody will just attack us with a sword anymore, it is worth mastering the techniques of martial arts weapons. The knowledge acquired in training in dealing with Jo-Stab and Co. can be easily transferred to everyday things in everyday life. So an umbrella, just like your jo-staff, can serve to defend and disarm your attacker in a dangerous attack situation.

    Rattan - a material with exceptional properties.

    You only know rattan from trendy garden furniture? Then you have not yet held the rattan Jo staff in your hands. The lightness of the material makes the stick easy to handle and gives good control in the movement. The branding pattern gives the stick weapon a Far Eastern look and makes you want to get to know your martial arts style in all its facets. As a shatterproof material, rattan withstands the mechanical stresses 100%.