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Jo-Staff 128cm with foam cover

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    Jo-Staff 128cm with foam cover

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    At 128 cm, a Jo staff is about 30 cm longer than a traditional Japanese long sword and can still be destructive with the right technique. In the training area, the katana sword is replaced by a bokken and so sturdy wooden weapons face each other. In order to keep the risk of injury as low as possible, equipment with a foam cover can be used. The Jo staff with cover lies precisely in the hand and can therefore be guided safely. Your whole body is stressed during staff training and your strength is also required mentally in this Japanese martial art of Jodo. 


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    Carries Japanese roots - jo-stick with foam coating.

    Jodo is an ancient Japanese martial art that traditionally fights with the Jo staff. The short, agile Jo-stick is superior to the longer Bo, which led to him using himself as an opponent against a katana. To protect the Jodoka during training, the Japanese sword is replaced by a Bokken. The foam cover of the Jo-staff takes away the energy from the hardwood staff, which enables injury-free martial arts training.

    Kata exercises with the Jo staff.

    A kata is a defined sequence of movements in numerous martial arts disciplines - including in Jodo. After the basic exercises of the Kihon are mastered, the Kata are added. The individual exercise sequences (katas) have an increasing level of difficulty and often expand on one another. To learn the 7 series of Jo-Kata requires a lot of perseverance, concentration and constant repetition of the practice steps. With our padded Jo staff, your martial arts training now gains another safety factor - even beginners can start stick training unhindered.

    What exactly do you train in Jodo?

    With this type of defensive posture (traditionally defense against a sword attack), it is primarily your posture that counts. In addition, your full concentration is required to control the Jo staff so that you can later become an attacker yourself. You can only perfect your timing and effectively stop your opponent's attack if you have your weapon under control.