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HAKAMA for Kendo, Aikido

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    HAKAMA for Kendo, Aikido

    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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  •  Hayashi

    Get the typical garment of the samurai and experience Kendo and Aikido as fascinating martial arts from a new side in your HAKAMA culottes by Hayashi. Due to the wide flared legs, your movements remain hidden from the opponent's eyes so that every step can be used for a surprise attack. The HAKAMA is traditionally tied in white or black with four ribbons at the hip. Thanks to the mixed fabric of polyester and cotton, this pleated pant skirt is easy to wear and scores with comfortable wearing properties. Of course, the characteristic 7 folds should not be missing in the Hayashi HAKAMA model.

    More Information
    Brand Hayashi
    Kind of Sport Aikido, Kendo
    Already discounted Yes
    Remnants Yes
    Delivery Time Special order
    Shipping oversize No
    Material 65% polyester; 35% cotton

    Wrinkles are absolutely allowed - what your HAKAMA says about you.

    A HAKAMA is not a piece of clothing you are given out after your first training lesson in Aikido or Kendo. It takes effort and perseverance to fill the garment with the necessary dignity. The 7 folds in HAKAMA should also remind experienced Aikidoka time and again of the seven virtues (goodness, sense of honor, good behavior, wisdom, sincerity, loyalty, consideration) of Budo.

    Every step a surprise.

    Under so much fabric, you hide your steps perfectly from the opponent. The pant skirt is cut long and wide and falls flowing over your legs. It is ideally tailored to the needs of Aikido and Kendo and, thanks to the hip straps, sits comfortably and non-slip. The Hayashi HAKAMA is particularly easy to care for as machine washable. We recommend you air-dry your HAKAMA afterward and clean up the wrinkles.

    Tradition and modernity are combined in the HAKAMA.

    While Kendo looks back on the ancient sword fighting techniques of the samurai as a starting point, Aikido is a relatively young martial art with defensive approaches in self-defense. Nevertheless, the traditional and the modern martial arts form an ordinary piece of clothing: the HAKAMA.