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Escrima with foam cover

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    Escrima with foam cover

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    Robust, stable and easy to grip - these are the Escrima sticks with foam coating. They are the ideal training device for martial arts styles such as Eskrima, Arnis or Kali. The relatively light short sticks improve your reaction speed and sharpen your sense of coordination. Beginners usually only start training with one stick before they learn the double-stick technique. The foam cover of the sticks provides a high level of protection, which means that the sticks are particularly important in partner training to be able to train without injury. Once you have learned the perfect interplay of mental, physical and technical skills, the exercises can also be easily carried out with everyday objects.


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    Powerful softies - Escrima sticks with a foam cover.

    If you don't trust the Escrima Sticks with foam cover much, you are completely wrong. The two sticks are perfectly balanced in weight and size in the hand and can be used flexibly. With quick wrist movements, the sticks get a dynamic life of their own and put your opponent under pressure. The cover is particularly easy to grip and absorbs energy so that partner exercises can be carried out without injury.

    In the shadow of the great Bruce Lee.

    Martial arts originating from the Philippines had long been hidden underground. Completely banned by the first occupying power, Spain, the Filipinos disguised their martial arts with folk music in dance choreographies. It was only with the Americans at the end of the 19th century that “Anis de Mano” could be officially carried out and taught again. But the sport made the first films of the world-famous martial arts actor Bruce Lee famous. In the films “Enter the Dragon” in 1973 or the classic “Game of Death” around 5 years later, Bruce Lee showed himself skillfully in dealing with Escrima.

    Training sticks are perfect for group training.

    Before you get your own Escrima Sticks, you should feel really comfortable and safe when using the exercise equipment with a foam cover. You show your partner great respect if you only use equipment that corresponds to your actual ability. Due to the softcover, a mistake is not painfully paid for immediately, so that safety and fair play come first in your training sessions.