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Escrima “Tigerstyle” 66 cm

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    Escrima “Tigerstyle” 66 cm

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    At Escrima training is practiced, which can really be used in practice. The “Tigerstyle” Escrima Stick consists of robust rattan, a 100% natural raw material of the Rotangpalme, which is still harvested by hand today. The stick has a length of about 665 mm and is well in the hand with a diameter of about 25 mm. Striking and eponymous are the tiger crawls, which mark the grip area of about 16 cm in length. This allows “Tigerstyle” perfectly in the hand lead and provides the necessary grip. With only 180 g, the stable stick convinces with its natural characteristics and an appealing fire pattern. As a splinter-free Escrima Stick “Tigerstyle” ensures your safety in stick fighting.

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    Escrima - how a simple object becomes a weapon.

    Escrima is originally from the Philippines coming martial arts. Characteristic are above all the use of cut, puncture and cut weapons. Most of the applications that you train with the Escrima Stick “Tigerstyle” can also be applied to other everyday objects. Who has learned to control his stick, even in an emergency from an umbrella or his cell phone is an effective weapon for self-defense.

    “Tigerstyle” Escrima Stick - firmly attached to nature.

    Our Escrima Sticks “Tigerstyle” are real natural products and are extracted from the core of the woody shoots of the Rotangpalme. Largely by hand, the rattan is harvested and processed. Since the Rotangpalme is a fast-growing raw material, the use is a sustainable contribution to an environmental balance. Characteristic are the natural wood shades that make each “Tigerstyle” stick unique.

    Of course convincing, the “Tigerstyle” Escrima Sticks.

    Our “Tigerstyle” use the natural basic properties of rattan and combine it with your fighting spirit to an effective weapon art. The sturdy stick is sturdy and durable and also has a slight elasticity. The water-repellent surface prevents sweat, which will give you a lot of fun in “Tigerstyle” in the practice of your weapon martial arts.