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Escrima red oak 66 cm

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    Escrima red oak 66 cm

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    Whether defense or attack - with the high-quality Escrima made of robust red oak, you are prepared for anything. With an approximate length of 66 cm, the stick can be guided in a controlled manner and acts as an extension of your hand. The grip area is a little thicker and is separated from the face by two notches. The Filipino Martial Arts weapon fighting system is divided into 3 systems - the Eskrima, Kali, and Arnis. Their difference mainly relates to origin. Kali comes from the south, Eskrima from the middle and Arnis from the northern part of the Philippine archipelago. Summarized under FMA, the Filipino Martial Arts, the focus is on the arms fight with Escrima and Co. Only afterward are the exercises and movements practiced in this way implemented without a weapon.


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    In the footsteps of Bruce Lee - Escrima on the canvas.

    Who doesn't know them, the legendary martial arts films with Bruce Lee? He brought martial arts from the backyards to fully equipped sports studios and martial arts schools. Even long-forgotten techniques and styles were re-staged on the big screen. In the classics “Enter the Dragon” or “Game of death”, the hero was also seen using Escrima.

    Brief portrait from nature. Northern red oak and its properties in martial arts.

    The wood of the red oak has similar good properties as that of the domestic oak and is ideal as construction and construction wood. It survives the strongest mechanical loads, which means that it is particularly splinter and break-proof. The Escrima Stick is perfectly balanced and can be safely guided and used in a controlled manner. For long shelf life, you should pay attention to the correct care and storage of your training weapon - heat, cold and wet generally harm wooden equipment.

    It lives - natural product wood.

    Its natural properties make the Escrima from red oak a valuable tool for your personal martial arts equipment. You know the wood always works and lives so literally from other areas. Despite the protective coating, you should check the Escrima Stick for splinters or cracks before each use. As already mentioned, storage also plays a major role - the trunk of a car is probably the most unfavorable place since your equipment is exposed to strong fluctuations in temperature and humidity. It is best to choose a location with constant conditions and store your staff and stick weapons lying down.