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Bokken - whiteoak (about 102 cm)

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    Bokken - whiteoak (about 102 cm)

    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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    The high-quality wooden sword with a length of 102 cm is modeled after a Japanese Katana. In contrast to training with a real sword, you do not risk unnecessary injury with the Bokken “Nature”. The sword is made of American white oak. This natural raw material promises a high compressive strength and is used in addition to the sport weapons construction in shipbuilding. The light fish belly shape gives the “Nature” Bokken its grip and brings a realistic feeling to the sword stick fight. Due to the clear protective coating of the Bokken, the natural, medium-rough wood texture is still very recognizable. A finger guard delimits the grip zone visually from the striking zone and also offers security against accidental finger-strikes.


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    Delivery Time Special Order
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    Shipping Width 6.50
    Shipping height 4.00
    Shipping Lenght 101.00
    Size (cm) 102 cm
    Material White oak

    Expressive ranged weapon - Bokken “Nature”.

    The sword fighting is still one of the high arts in martial arts. Already in early times, one replaced real swords by copies from wood because of the high risk of injury. With the Bokken “Nature” you can also test yourself in the high art of sword fighting and rehearse effective sword-stick-techniques. The Bokken is particularly handy due to its shape and fits perfectly in the hand.

    American white oak meets the high standards in martial arts.

    Sporting weapons such as a Bokken not only have to withstand particularly high impact forces, they must also produce realistic sensations in the fighter through their vibrational behavior. The white oak is characterized by material texture and high-pressure resistance for the weapon sector. With a protective coating, the wooden sword “Nature” is protected from chipping and above all moisture. When storing the Bokken “Nature”, be sure to keep it in a dry storage area and protect it from damage caused by water/moisture or intense sunshine.

    Customs with the Bokken “Nature”.

    In sports, hunting, or customs care makes the German gun exceptions and so does the possession of a Bokken not to the weapons subject to permission. The “Nature” is modeled on the traditional katana, the longsword of the samurai. Like its big role model, it is slightly bent to the back and made in ideal longsword length.