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Bokken, red oak (about 101 cm)

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    Bokken, red oak (about 101 cm)

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    bokken is synonymous outside of Japan for a Bokuta - a sword made of hardwood. As a practice sword of the Samurai, it can look back on a long tradition. Already then, a bokken, a replica of a katana, was valued for its resistance to high loads. It lies firmly in the hand due to its slightly fish belly shape processing and gives you the grip of a real Katana. As a ranged weapon, the Bokken is not to be underestimated and works properly as an extension of your armsBoth sword and stick techniques can be trained with the wooden sword injury free. The non-slip rubber ring with finger protection is an important safety tool.


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    Size (cm) 101 cm
    Material Red Oak

    Wooden sword "Bokken" - just not a toy.

    Many think of the term wooden sword to the popular children's toy when we are still stalked as a robber and gendarme through the forest. This has a Bokken nothing to do. As a wooden replica of the katana, the combat sword of the samurai, it makes martial arts even more diverse. When used properly, this ranged weapon will extend your arms. Since nobody can injure themselves on the sword without a blade, a Bokken does not currently fall under the German Weapon Law but is subject to the requirements of a sporting weapon.

    Determined action with the Bokken.

    Especially in Aikido, working with the Bokken is about learning the right posture. The 101 cm long wooden sword made of hardwood leads with its own weight inevitably to a shift in weight, which must be compensated by a secure stand. In a partner fight, you can prove your skill with the wooden sword by resolute actionSwinging exercises stimulate your muscles and give you more expression in your movements.

    Wood needs the right care.

    Wood lives and that's why wooden weapons like the Bokken need special attentionAvoid too much temperature difference (strong heat, extreme cold) and always keep moisture away as far as possibleSweat should be removed regularly at the end of training with a soft cloth. If you want a fresh look and want to do something for your bokken from the feel, you can help out with a good skincare oil. Before use, the surface is slightly roughened with fine sandpaper, so that the oil can penetrate better into the wood. Then polish well. The result can then be seen again for several months.