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Bo staff (rattan)

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    Bo staff (rattan)

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  • Our Bo rod made of high-quality rattan with striking branding is very classic. The functionality of the staff is similar to that of bamboo, but in contrast, it is not hollow inside, but it is flexible and, therefore, almost indestructible. As a traditional, about 6 Shaku long stick, the rattan Bo-staff is perfect for use as a ranged weapon. Of course, lever and stitch techniques can also be carried out through the balance of the Bo. The swirling techniques with Bo are particularly spectacular. By quickly grasping the hands, the rattan bar comes into a dynamic rotation at which high speeds can be reached.


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     A weapon that is not - rattan Bo rod.

    In early Japan, only the samurai nobility was reserved to carry a weapon. But since the simple people of the farmers did not want to show themselves defenseless, they used everyday objects to defend themselvesDisguised as a walking stick or used to carry loads, the Bo stick was easy to carry. Due to its size, it was the perfect ranged weapon - still an essential advantage over melee weapons such as swords or knives.

    Techniques with the Bo staff.

    In the beginning, there are usually simple striking and thrusting techniques, which are rehearsed without a partner (Hitoribo). What is important when dealing with Bo is a quick grip on the hands. In this way, the rod can also be rotated at incredible speeds. When fighting with a partner, the so-called Kumibo, a fight is simulated - you should have mastered your sports weapon down to the last detail.

    The ultimate Bo-test.

    For fast movements with high rotations, your Bo-Rod not only has to be perfectly balanced but also straight. With the right storage and care, you protect your equipment from premature wear and ensure a high level of safety. You can test whether your Bo is still straight at any time by rolling it over a horizontal smooth surface. If you want to store your Bo accurately, you can find the right weapon rack for staffs  # 845-9000 in our shop.