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Battle rope 15 m

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    Battle rope 15 m

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  •  Battle rope 15 m

    Strength, stamina and explosivity, all hidden in our new product Fighter

    Battle Rope!


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    Kind of Sport Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwon-Do, Thai Boxing, Boxing, MMA, BJJ, Fitness, Training
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     Battle Rope is widely used in various different sports,

    not only in the martial arts. The rope is a great tool for
    strengthening the upper body while improving entire
    body coordination. As in boxing and other combat
    sports where you have to involve the whole body in
    order to achieve ideal performance, even in training
    with this tool you have to coordinate the upper and
    lower part of your body to achieve ideal effectiveness
    of your workout.
    The rope offers a variety of exercises in different
    positions, standing or kneeling.
    The handrail of the rope is made of hard plastic and
    provides a convenient and practical grip during
    The rope is made of polyester and polypropylene.
    Made in the Czech Republic (EU)